Falcon 380

12′ 5″

6′ 2″

341 lbs


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Set Sail in Style

First introduced in 2017, the Falcon 380 is a sleek versatile tender in the Falcon series. People who come across this rigid inflatable boat when they’re shopping for a 12-foot tender for sale often comment on its universal visual appeal.

Made with contrasting white and gray materials, the Falcon 380 certainly makes a statement on the water. This inflatable tender proves that luxurious experiences can be delivered in packages of all sizes.

The Falcon 380 is a roomy tender with enough comfortable seats to accommodate six adult passengers. The vessel measures at slightly more than 6 feet wide, allowing your traveling companions to move around the deck with ease.

Whether you want to head to shore to enjoy a romantic dinner, pick up supplies or take a leisurely cruise up the coastline, you can do it all in a Falcon 380.

Combine Power and Light Weight

The Falcon 380 has a powerful engine, deep-v hull and larger inflatable tubes, which make it possible for the vessel to transport a heavier payload than most other tenders its size.

The Falcon 380 is lightweight and fuel-efficient. The fully equipped boat weighs just under 795 pounds, which makes it easy to get from one on-shore location to another without the need to tow your RIB. Although this 12-foot inflatable tender is undoubtedly lightweight, it is still perfectly capable of carrying a large load. When the Falcon 380 is appropriately equipped, it can handle a payload of just under 1,875 pounds.

If you’re like many boaters, safety is always at the forefront of your mind. If that’s the case, you’ll take great comfort in knowing the Falcon 380 won’t sink or tip. Further, maneuvering the Falcon 380 in a crowded marina is stress-free. Even if your Falcon 380 makes contact with another boat, it won’t cause any damage to the other vessel due to the tender’s thoughtful design.

The Falcon 380’s design is one of its most striking features. Like the other rigid inflatable boats in the Falcon lineup, this 12ft tender was designed by maritime and military experts, making it a practical vessel to own and use. It’s also easy to clean and maintain with minimal effort required.

Length (cm) 380 Weight of empty boat 155
Width (cm) 190 Fully equipped weight 360
Height (cm) 108 Maximum payload 850
Tube diameter (cm) 48 Minimum power 25
No. of Chambers 3 Recomended power 30
No. of Persons 6 Maximum power 50
Design category C


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