Falcon 360

11′ 9″

5′ 8″

286 lbs



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Versatile and Nimble

Even if you’ve thoroughly embraced the yachting and powerboating lifestyle, navigating your large vessel in tight spaces like busy harbors can sometimes be an intimidating experience. The Falcon 360 offers an attractive alternative to pulling anchor and taking your larger boat to the dock when you have to pick up supplies or passengers.

Although the Falcon 360 is one of the smallest tenders in the Falcon series, this small 11-foot yacht tender is just as seaworthy as our other rigid inflatable boats. Like our larger RIBs, the Falcon 360 won’t tip or sink, and it won’t cause damage if it comes into contact with another vessel.

The Falcon 360 is designed by maritime and military experts and produced in Europe using the highest quality materials available. Our goal is to provide you with the luxurious experience you deserve from the time you step on board.

Regardless of whether you’re in open waters or a highly trafficked marina, the Falcon 360 is easy to navigate. While one of the smallest tenders in the Falcon lineup, the vessel still has enough comfortable seats for five adult passengers.

Spaciously Designed and Supremely Capable

The 11-ft Falcon 360 is available in three variants — no console, a sport console or a conventional offset steering console. No matter which iteration you prefer, you’ll enjoy taking this inflatable tender everywhere you go.

Once you’re aboard your Falcon 360, you’ll be surprised by how much space is available for you and your passengers. The Falcon 360 is just over 5.7 feet in width, which gives the RIB a large footprint that many boaters enjoy.

When the Falcon 360 is fully equipped, the tender weighs just under 500 pounds — making it simple to transport on land without the use of a trailer.

Despite its size, the Falcon 360 is a highly durable and capable tender. It can haul a payload of nearly 1,435 pounds — not bad for a small RIB boat.

If you want a capable tender that’s as fun to use for cruising as it is practical for transporting goods and passengers to and from your yacht or powerboat, the Falcon 360 is the rigid inflatable boat for you. You’ll particularly enjoy this smaller RIB if you have limited deck space and don’t want to obstruct the view from your deck with a hanging tender.


Length (cm) 360 Weight of empty boat 130
Width (cm) 175 Fully equipped weight 225
Height (cm) 78 Maximum payload 650
Tube diameter (cm) 45 Minimum power 5
No. of Chambers 3 Recomended power 20
No. of Persons 4 Maximum power 25
Design category C


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